April 24, 2018

Sure it’s nice to dream. There have been a million things I’ve said which I’ll probably never attempt or dream of trying. I keep saying that I want to be a singer, guitar player, stand up comedian, dancer, youtuber the list is endless. I’ll hear a song, watch a comic a...

April 22, 2018

What I often try to look into are sources of inspiration that are slightly out of the spotlight or the norm. Which helps me have a more comprehensive set of influences to draw from and hopefully helps me create more unique pieces of work.

The following post is going to...

April 14, 2018

In these particular circumstances, there’s no “set” job for this field. There’s no company actively searching for a custom typographer. The demand currently isn’t high enough. That’s not to say there’s no demand for lettering in general.  As far as a salary paying role...

April 3, 2018

Up and until now you may be in a situation where you’re loving creating lettering pieces, yet you feel like you need and want to do “more”. You want to pull the rabbit out of the hat so to speak and add in some “wow” factor to your work. You’ve been scouring through Pi...

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November 17, 2018

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