Sick of working on lettering pieces that expose your weak points?

March 14, 2018


For letterers, it’s incredibly frustrating when we’re working on a project, and nothing feels like it’s coming out right. In fact, at times when we’re working on a project, it feels like all of our faults and weak points are rising to the surface, exposing us of how much we should feel like a fraud for how something isn’t naturally coming to us.


Though no matter how stressful a deadline can be, we must remind ourselves, that at least we exist in a time when we have a multitude of tools at our hands. When we get to the point where things are feeling excruciatingly painful, it helps to walk away momentarily from the problem you’re trying to solve.There’s been plenty of times when I’m working on a project, and I feel like I’ve “overshot” just what’s possible in my skillset. In this particular instance, I hated how my “s’s” were coming out.


I then studied a bunch of typefaces in a similar style I was trying to utilise and then traced over them to feel how the stroke forms with a brush pen. Doing this for about 15 minutes I felt recharged and learnt something new. Which gave me newfound confidence going back in and refining this dreaded “s” that was causing difficulty.


In essence, all I did was isolate the problem. In this case, my ability to draw an “s” was letting the piece down. By spending something as little as 15 minutes deliberately practising my weak points it then directly impacted the lettering in a quick turn around time.


Taking on a design approach in this aspect, and explicitly narrowing down what the problem is and coming up with little exercises to work on our weak points helps us overcome hurdles that initially seem impossible. Don’t be afraid to stop and directly ask “what is the issue I’m having”. Which then provokes thought patterns that come up with solutions rather than running around in circles.





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