Feel like your inspiration is far above what you’re capable of?

March 25, 2018


You feel anxious, and you feel like you’re never going to get better. You look around on social media, and you feel like everyone has this beautiful magic sauce and you’re just missing out. You feel like you’re doing everything to make a significant piece yet somehow you’re artwork doesn't feel right.


Wanting to get better results, I decided to do a daily lettering post on social media. For me, this was an incredibly intimidating and scary concept. I would have to make a minimum of 5 lettering pieces per week. Whereas before it would take me about a week to create just one.


The routine forced me to create continually, under a lot of pressure without much breathing room. In a busy schedule, it was easy to feel creatively burnt out.


Taking on a “music” approach, I thought why not do what musicians do and replicate my favourite pieces that other lettering artists have done for inspiration. Which helped me experience how to create great lettering pieces.


As I was always creating and would get stuck every so often, this gave me a bank of inspiration that came handy in a ramped up schedule.


So start compiling material on Pinterest, look for other lettering artists on Instagram and don’t be shy to copy their pieces to learn. I recommend not posting these on social media as you don’t want to give off the impression that you created this piece. But copying to learn is one of the quickest and fastest ways you can learn.



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