Are all your lettering pieces starting to look the same?

March 29, 2018



We’ve all been there. We feel like we want superhuman/alien powers to help make all of our pieces look unique and original. Our current set of influences have become quite limiting and restricting. Something has to change.


Which is the beauty of our evolving technology. In my spare time, I love compiling all my inspirations on Pinterest. What I then do with all my boards is collect them into particular categories which makes them very easy to add into, from other resources like Instagram.


From a broader standpoint, this helps me look at all the things I’m inspired by, and I can see my “visual intake” if you will. Kind of similar to say a dietary calculator.


We can then look at this and see the other influences that are lacking. Do we need more early 1900’s style pieces to look up? Is there an overload of brush script in here? Is there a considerable lack of textured looking lettering pieces? Back to the dietary intake analogy, we can think about what nutrients we need more of and what we're over consuming. 


So start diversifying your Pinterest boards today! Don’t worry too much about say the technical categories as to what style and piece are and just, start adding them in and describing them to the best of your ability.



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