Thinking About Giving Up

April 14, 2018



In these particular circumstances, there’s no “set” job for this field. There’s no company actively searching for a custom typographer. The demand currently isn’t high enough. That’s not to say there’s no demand for lettering in general.  As far as a salary paying role, the interest is not high enough for these positions to become readily available. 


So where does the creative industry seek out custom lettering then? They tend to source the letterers directly themselves. For a lettering artist, it is much more lucrative to be a freelancer. With fewer overheads as an agency (an agency often hires lettering artists), this leaves a lot more of the profit margin to go directly to the lettering artist who provided the work. 


But a step before even the jobs come through is the “demand”. How on earth do you create demand for your lettering? Which is the question I’ve been currently asking myself?


At the moment a lot of my stress, worry and concern come from that simple question “How on earth do I create demand for myself?”. Right now I’m pushing my head against the wall trying to “get in there”. At the moment I’ve been making lettering posts daily on social media sites like Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter and have been creating lettering pieces once a week, and frantically writing blog posts. On top of that, I’ve been working a full-time job to cover all my bills. 


My routine right now can feel quite excruciating. Call it a young, naive person problem, but I’m 25, and all I see on social media is my friends gallivanting being young and having fun. Boy do I wish I can taste some of that, but I feel so committed to my cause. And selfishly I guess that in essence is my future. 


The initial intention in writing this blog was to solely write about a particular lettering piece and project I gave up on because the pressure was just so surmounting. As you can most likely tell, this post is coming from an incredibly emotional place, and my over analytical thinking is in full swing. 


But as I continue to write these words, the solution becomes so transparent. 


Our path and goals can be quite clear. In fact, they can be quite simple. And in that simplicity, we can confuse that for its accessibility to be attained.  Though often the simplest things can be the most complicated. 


In short, any pursuit comes with a wide variety of complex hurdles. We have to push them to reach our goal. Our paths can seem quite manageable. But when we encounter a lot of setbacks, they can make us feel more distant from the route we’re trying to take. It’s clear to me that the problem I faced, was that thinking the hard times were avoidable. I honestly thought to myself that because I know what I want to do with my life, that my absolute path would be smooth. 


Though that, in essence, takes my level of humanity out of the question. Whether I’m comfortable admitting it, I feel that overall we as humans are quite emotional beings. I’m quite happy to share and reveal mine, but emotions are what drive our actions. 


This post is getting quite abstract and emotionally dense, but typically this is the part of the blog where I would come to the “conclusion” and come to the solution to the problem. A lot of content I consume and listen to would typically have the definitive answer. Though right now I feel there arguably isn’t one. 


I’d love to be able to say “there are solutions to minimising chaos in your life”, though honestly there probably isn’t. Either now or done the line; we’re all in-experienced in many aspects of our lives, and that will never change. To continually get better at anything in our lives we have to keep being uncomfortable and embrace a lot of our fears and keep moving. Those kinds of steps don’t provide emotional comfort, that's the way in which we produce results. 



This blogpost has been quite a substantial tangent and probably entirely selfish in me getting the answers I desperately required. But I hope people who are reading this, are in an overwhelming pursuit like me and can accept and embrace the chaos of it. Because if we can endure the craziness of our journey, we can then continue to move forward and not let setbacks deter us from our destination. Keep fighting and keep moving. 

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