Keep Pushing, Keep Fighting

October 20, 2018

A lot of people are too afraid to embrace the conflict of any situation. What I’ve come to learn about all the harsh things I’ve faced in my life, is that the hardest obstacles are exercises of endurance. It’s up to us to embrace our struggle, trials and tribulations rather than letting it defeat us. 


We can let the obstacles defeat us. We can compare ourselves to others and feel defeated. We can watch other people give up on a pursuit and give up ourselves. In our culture, we’re very risk, struggle and challenge adverse. We're always chasing constant hits of dopamine. We want to continually be laughing, lit up and always having fun. We often don’t welcome the gripe of negativity, and after failure, we can let it defeat us. If we experience enough setbacks, we’re usually then encouraged to give up to avoid disappointment.





Lately, I’ve been getting into a tonne of sports, and the inspiration I’ve been getting from it in regards to my own personal life has been paramount. 


The biggest lesson I’ve learnt from watching my sports is; even the best teams have good and bad days. No matter how prepared you are, no matter how well trained you are; sometimes the opposition can merely just be better. Sometimes the luck doesn’t fall in your hands. Sometimes the fate you want for yourself doesn’t go the way you had hoped. In any competitive environment giving up leaves you to fall by the wayside. After a massive loss, you can easily let it crush and defeat you. 




Whether or not you want to, it’s always important to get up and face your opponent. It's vital in life to face your demons and your enemies. Naturally, in sport, you don’t have a choice. It’s “apart of the job”. Though I often feel in our own personal lives, we want to avoid negativity at all costs. A lot of us are scared to do what’s right in fear and avoidance of adversity and conflict. 


Though the times we stop trying are often when we fail. 



Additionally its equally as important to always keep experimenting on your craft. To still commit to learning new things and evolving your practice to stay relevant to our ever-evolving world. 


Another sports-related example; as I’ve been following the Red Sox they’ve had a record amount of wins in 2018 and have qualified for the World Series. A lot of the key and most popular players have been elevated to have a lot of “attention” on them. Meaning coaches from the opposing teams have been carefully studying critical players to develop strategies to put these key players out of place to win. Which outside of sports we know a lot of corporate companies do the same thing with their competitors to have better advancement in the market and have a better market share over their competition. 




Key players in baseball typically have developed a particular technique over many years that has worked for them. Their pitching and batting techniques almost come "second nature" to them as they've been conditioned to play a particular way to win. To have higher odds against the competition; valuable players are encouraged to mix up their method to shock their opponents. This helps the team have higher odds of winning a championship. 


I found this to be beyond inspiring, relating back to a creative context. So many people want to get comfortable in what they do and stick to a proven formula. Artists that experiment and hop out of their comfort zones are often respected and elevated due to their forward thinking approach. 



Love him or hate him, Kanye West is a perfect example musically. Think about Kanye’s first number one hit which would have been Gold Digger and compare the song he released about 10 years later called Monster. Both of these songs reached number one, yet they are entirely different and show adaptation to the times and what's relevant to popular culture. 


Going back to Baseball, the element I get so inspired by is for a team to win, the players have to reinvent themselves; otherwise, the tactics of another team will surpass them and quite easily win the competition. This much dedication to a craft is wildly inspiring to me, and I encourage all creatives or anybody to be this willing to continually elevate and improve on what they do. 




Don’t be afraid to soak up tutorials, keep showing up and doing the work even when you don’t feel like it. When things feel rough, and you can’t be bothered, keep showing up. Make a schedule and through rain, hail or shine, stick to it. Guaranteed in a couple of years you’ll look back at yourself and be very thankful for the effort you invested. 


Comment below identifying areas you wish you could improve on within your own life and let's elevate each other to grow as individuals and improve on ourselves. 





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